Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dove Canada Uses Photoshop Plugin to Make Body Image Statement

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Dove Canada Uses Photoshop Trojan Horse to Shame Body Shamers

On first glance, a new downloadable plugin called "Beautify" seems to be designed to smooth skin and had a healthy glow. But the Photoshop action, stealthily scattered around the web by Dove Canada, gives an unexpected result as it reverts a doctored photo-in-the-making to its original state, with an accompanying statement about the beauty of a natural, unretouched human body.

Excerpt:  "The decade-running 'Real Beauty' campaign, which won a Grand Prix at Cannes in 2007, continues its assault on Photoshop by fighting fire with fire. Created by Ogilvy Toronto, Dove Canada’s latest endeavor is a sneaky way to hit the perpetrators of such ads right at the source--their computers.

The team at Ogilvy created the Photoshop action 'Beautify', a downloadable file that makes a change with a single click, in this case aimed at photography creatives who might be shaving the curves off of a not-even-curvy model right this very second. The company hopes to spread "Beautify" by leaving it on sites like Reddit which art directors and the like are known to frequent--presenting it as an aid for retouching.

At first blush, it appears that 'Beautify' adds a healthy-looking skin glow effect to the photo. What it actually does, however, is revert photoshopped images back to their original state."

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