Monday, March 18, 2013

When Ads Go BAD!: Domino's Pizza in Japan

Domino's President plus anime adds up to a weird tv ad
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Weird, Awkward Domino's Japan Ad Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Ad watchers are used to seeing American stars acting foolish in commercials made for the Japanese market. But a new ad for the Domino's Pizza smartphone app combines anime, awkward line delivery, and an unlikely star in the form of Domino's Japan President Scott Oellkers. The actual app looks fun and involving, but its presentation makes it all a bit weird.

Excerpt: "Domino's Japan President Scott Oellkers is suddenly famous today in the world of anime, the Japanese cartoon culture in which characters are rendered with gigantic eyes, implausibly rich hair, and sexy uniforms.

It's not clear why Oellkers — a middle-aged white American — was chosen to introduce a new mobile app featuring Hatsune Miku, an anime character aimed at Japanese teenagers.

But the decision led to this video, in which Oellkers awkwardly explains what a 'vocaloid' is, and tries to be down with the kids.

The result is being savaged online:
'One of the most unhinged adverts of all time,' says Metro UK."

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