Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dropbox Rebranding Shows New Focus on Large Businesses

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Dropbox for Teams Gets Dropped in Rebranding

Dropbox has become one of the biggest names in individual and group cloud storage models.  Users can access files in the dropbox folder on their own computers, and any saved changes automatically sync to save the changes on the computers of all users. The company's Dropbox for Teams has just been dropped in favor of a more robust Dropbox for Business that abandons username/password verification to use corporations' preferred Active Directory system of verification and individual permissions. This reflects a change in focus to allow Dropbox to seek out larger organizations and corporations for group sharing.

Excerpt: "Dropbox is renaming Dropbox Teams to better reflect its change in business focus. The move comes in tandem with Dropbox’s new support for single sign on (SSO) and partnerships with Okta and other identity providers.

Dropbox for Business will replace the old name, reflecting the company’s change in focus to be more on larger business customers than teams within organizations.

In particular, this means support for Active Directory (AD), the traditional mechanism companies use to authenticate and manage an employee’s corporate identity. Businesses of any size demand built-in security, and AD has historically served as the standard as it eliminates the user name and password model for SSO.

Dropbox customers will get all the capabilities that come with AD, including setting permissions, revoking access or adding people from the IT admin panel."

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