Monday, April 15, 2013

Font of the Month: DK Au Revoir

The subtle charms of DK Au Revoir
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Review: DK Au Revoir font will make you bid frumpy fonts "adieu"
There are text fonts and display fonts. Some are good for a headline or a sign. But a new handwritten font called DK Au Revoir (free for personal use) is an understated typeface with just enough charm and individuality to use on a casual note. The full commercial version adds such niceties as kerning pairs and ligatures, and extensive language support. 
Excerpt: "DK Au Revoir is a handwritten font that has style and flair, with subliminal don't-mess-with-me undertones. Designer David Kerkhoff created a lowercase o that caught my eye: It's almost a heart, but not quite.

Even though they are regular (400) weight, Au Revoir's glyphs are quite petite. As a comparison, the cap height of some of the uppercase letters (L for example) are equivalent to the same point size Times New Roman font, other letters (B, E, R) are only two thirds the size. All of the lowercase letters reach the full cap height, but have an x-height way below the median. However, the extra tall ascenders in Au Revoir add to the font's refined nature, and the diminutive size shouldn't distract from the detail that's gone into this font: Au Revoir is very well-executed, and includes more than 9,000 kerning pairs to ensure whatever your copy, it's going to look perfect.

Au Revoir contains all upper and lowercase glyphs, numbers, common punctuation, accented characters, and some special characters like the Euros symbol. However, again run this through the suitability filter: Au Revoir will look beautiful for occasional use at sizes larger than 24 point. It will add class to any brochure, flier, or newsletter; but is an understated font that doesn't demand attention. Don't send an audit announcement with Au Revoir or Comic Sans"

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