Monday, April 8, 2013

Language Learning Becoming Worldwide Growth Industry

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Language Learning Startup Busuu Hits 30M Users

You wouldn't know it from the American education system, but language learning is becoming an essential tool for ambitious students around the world. And now it is becoming really hot as a business, as well. Rosetta Stone just acquired online language learning company Livemocha, while across the pond, new startup Busuu has reached 30 million users worldwide, and is launching a series of English and Spanish Ipad lessons for children 4 - 7.

Excerpt: "Just this week Rosetta Stone acquired Seattle-based online language-learning community Livemocha for $8.5 million in cash. At exit Livemocha had a 16 million member online language-learning community. It had also raised $19 million over six years. But today Busuu, a competing language-learning community based out of London, announces that it has reached 30 million users and its launched a dedicated iPad app for kids to learn Spanish.

It now reaches into 200 countries, and could lay justifiable claim to being the largest language learning community in the world. They also say they are growing at 40,000 new users a day with growth mainly coming from emerging markets like Brazil, Russia and Turkey, where clearly learning a language can help you get on."

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