Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Logo Blazes in London Darkness at Earth Hour

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Star Trek Logo Appears Over London Sky for Earth Hour

As marketing, it was either brilliant or ham-handed.  The annual Earth Hour, where lights are extinguished for an hour to draw attention to the plight of Earth's environment, was rather rudely punctuated with a nifty light show in the pitch-black London sky to promote the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" film opening this summer.  30 quadrocopter drones equipped with LED lights took on the shape of the Star Trek communicator in a 300 foot tall display. We imagine fans were delighted and non-fans were appalled.

Excerpt: "As the hype for the upcoming movie 'Star Trek Into Darkness' grows, Paramount Pictures decided to heat things up even more by displaying a huge, glowing Star Trek logo over London.

Displayed during Earth Hour, the rotating logo was set up with 30 LED-bearing quadrocopter drones.

The logo, created by Ars Electronica Futurelab & Ascending Technologies, was approximately 308 feet tall, and it hovered 118 feet above the ground, with the highest point being some 426 feet above ground."

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