Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rare Warner Bros. Film "The Desert Song" (1943) Screens at TCM Film Festival in Hollywood

"The Desert Song" screening this Saturday, April 27, at the Chinese Multiplex in Hollywood stars Irene Manning, stepmother of Hunter Communications' principal Matt Hunter. 
This weekend, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) presents, as part of their fourth annual Classic Film Festival at Hollywood's legendary Chinese and Egyptian theatres, a rare screening of the almost unknown 1943 version of famed operetta "The Desert Song," starring Irene Manning and Dennis Morgan.  Overshadowed by the later 1953 Kathryn Grayson version, the film is noteworthy for a few reasons.  First, actress Irene Manning was the stepmother of Hunter Communications' principal Matt Hunter, having been married to Matt's father, Maxwell Hunter, for 37 years. Second, wartime considerations necessitated a few plot changes, such as changing the villains from French to German Nazis, and changing the name of the bandit to avoid any Communist associations. 

The film screens Saturday, April 27th at the Chinese Multiplex 6 at 6:15pm, and because of the film festival's subscription ticket structure, anyone without a subscription must line up before the showing at the Chinese to purchase individual tickets.

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