Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tru Blooms Bottles the Scent of Downtown Chicago

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Wear the True Scent of Downtown
To compete with the mass-marketing of celebrity fragrances, a new startup perfumer is releasing a limited edition perfume. Their release, Tru Blooms 2013, started out as the scent of the flowers that grow in the city parks of Chicago. The best part is that at $38, a bottle of this year's vintage won't cost as much as most of the celebrity brands at your local Sephora.

Excerpt: " 'Tru Blooms is limited edition,' said Debbie Roever, director of marketing for the brand. 'Similar to wine reserves, once this batch is sold out, we cannot replace it.'

So what's a waft of Wabash Avenue in a bottle smell like, exactly? Like last year’s inaugural edition of the perfume, this year’s version is a hearty blend of just about everything that’ll bloom downtown—roses, violets, lavender and the like. Tru Fragrance (a company that designs and sells about 70 other perfumes as well) then adds other ingredients to "round out" the scent and make it competitive with the mainline brands.

But the real allure of this juice isn't just that it smells nice, it gives the wearer a story to tell, and that’s a marketing hook that even Chanel can’t top. 'Clearly, the back story helps us sell units,' Roever said. Given the relative paucity of posies in the Windy City, the brand obviously can’t be a high-volume machine. Last year’s harvest produced about 2,150 bottles. Each bottle receives a numbered and then sold in local stores and online. Prices start at $38 for the 3.4 oz cologne spray—a good deal, considering that these days it’ll cost you $49 to smell like Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend. Yeah, uh, we’ll take Chicago."

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