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Eurovision Wrap Up: History Repeats for Denmark!

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This year's 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest just finished Saturday, May 18th in Malmø, Sweden, and a historic "passing of the crown" moment repeated history from the year 2000.  Each year, the previous contest's winning nation plays host to the massive music extravaganza, and the 1999 winner, Sweden, played host in Stockholm for the 2000 edition.  When the votes were counted, Sweden was able to pass on their victory to their close neighbor and "frenemy" Denmark.

This year, the bettors across Europe immediately spotted and latched onto the beautiful Emmelie de Forest and her romantic folky ballad "Only Teardrops" as a great candidate for victory.  Could history repeat and Emmelie's Danish entry again win the trophy from their neighbor? 

During the week's festivities and semifinals, the betting odds continued to favor Denmark more and more, till by the morning of the finals the highest odds one could get were even money that "Only Teardrops" would take home the prize.  Bloggers and reporters were eager to drum up speculation and controversy by suggesting that the blond Dane was not NECESSARILY a runaway winner. 

Yet after all the performances finished and the 39 competing nations awarded their points, it was Denmark that won, after all, by a comfortable margin over top rivals Azerbaijan and Ukraine!  The nerve center and organization of the Eurovision Song Contest now moves the scant 10 miles across the Øresund to Denmark, where the contest will be held next spring on May 17th. 

(Note: Hunter Communications blogger  Len Whitney also publishes the Eurovision blog American Fan of Eurovision and was in attendance at this year's Song Contest competition week.)
You can watch the entire final night show here:

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