Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hooters Competitor Sets up Battle of the "Breastaurants"

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"Breastaurant" Battle Ends with Pair of Press Releases

The formula is simple and successful: All-American "guy" food and drinks, served by good-looking, buxom waitresses in outifts designed to show off their assets.  So successful that now a competitor has sprung up (or "busted out", as the website proclaims) to challenge Hooters' dominance in the field. La Cima plans to open 35 Twin Peaks restaurants throughout the South, and presumably the rest of the US eventually.  Hooters won't go down without a catfight, and now the ensuing lawsuit has ended in press releases from both camps.

Excerpt: "Hooters, which franchises and operates more than 430 restaurants known for buxom "All-American Hooters Girls" waitresses, had sued La Cima after another former Hooters executive, Joseph W. Hummel, resigned last year and joined Brooks there.

La Cima, which formed in 2011, plans to open its first Twin Peaks franchise in Atlanta in July. The 7-year-old Twin Peaks chain, which has the slogan 'Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views,' also features scantily clad, big-bosomed waitresses. Currently much smaller than Hooters, Twin Peaks' website says it has 'busted out' to more than a dozen locations and that the business 'is about you, 'cause you're the man!'

In its federal lawsuit, Hooters claimed that Hummel downloaded 'confidential and proprietary' company information when he resigned last July and later became La Cima's chief operating officer.

Hooters says it was able to secure 'the return and/or destruction of all of its misappropriated information' through the now-resolved litigation.

For its part, La Cima issued a press release proclaiming that it was letting Hooters 'walk away' without any compensation. The company added that Hooters 'conceded' it had no evidence to support its claim."

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