Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Next Generation 4K TVs May be Powered By Intel Set-top Box

Spectacular Samsung 4k tv, with little content to drive sales
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The Upcoming Intel Media Box Could Be the Gateway to 4K

The upcoming revoution in home televisions is 4K, with an ultra-high resolution equal to 4 times a 1080p set.  Already available at a hefty price, the one thing preventing the new sets from mass acceptance is the utter lack of programming at the higher resolution.  But recent announcements from Intel about a new generation of processors capable of processing 4K signals, and a new set-top box that will deliver smarter bundled content than current cable or satellite offerings, have led to speculation about a new super-box that will be a source for a new world of entertainment at the superhigh res.

Excerpt: "Intel has been tight-lipped about its upcoming media box and over-the-internet subscription TV service. It has promised to deliver smarter bundles than you’re currently getting from cable and satellite providers. Intel’s VP of Media Erik Huggers told the crowd at Dive Into Media the box also will have a superior UI and it will support streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon.

Add in 4K capability and you’ve got all the TV you want in to a device ready for the future of video. It’ll do all of this using one HDMI port and the broadband connection you already pay for.

Intel declined to comment, but its plan to shove TV through your ISP’s tubes will give a whole lot of people a viable alternative to the cable TV provider monopolizing their local market. Plus, thanks to the newly ratified HEVC (h.265) codec, those tubes can handle 60fps 4K transmissions. The new codec brings the size of a 4K transmission down from 45-50Mbps to 10Mbps. According to the networking gurus at Western Digital, you should be able to sustain that speed with a 20Mbps account. Although it might be awhile before networks start broadcasting and streaming 4K content, sources familiar with the situation say they are testing 4K broadcasts."

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