Friday, May 17, 2013

"Spandex", A New Off-Broadway Musical Sponsored by Crunch Fitness

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SPANDEX Opens Off-Broadway 5/10

"Spandex" is a new musical opening Off-Broadway, about a harrried housewife and a former gymnast caught up in the 1980s world of aerobics, Jane Fonda fitness, and the eponymous fabric. Its philosophy of "No Judgments" appealed to Crunch fitness staffers who attended an early reading of the show's script, and now the fitness chain is listed as the show's "sponsor". Show t-shirts will also feature the gym's logo on the back, and this becomes the first Off-Broadway show sponsored by a fitness chain.

Excerpt: "Spandex tells the story of a picked-on housewife and a vulnerable former gymnast who, through Jane Fonda and the new aerobics movement, discover the power of the burn. When a diet-pill pushing and terribly mulletted fitness guru threatens to undermine their rise, they challenge him in the only place he might be vulnerable: the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship, hosted by Alan Thicke. The musical was inspired by the YouTube classic of this prestigious sports event.

Crunch first became interested in the musical after two staffers attended a staged reading in spring 2012 and identified with the show's recurring "No Judgments" theme- the fitness brand's core philosophy. Their recommendations were passed slowly up the ladder and a partnership blossomed. This marks the first time the gym chain will serve as an above-the-title sponsor of an off-Broadway show."

Note: Hunter Communications handles marketing at the Burbank Town Center, home to Crunch Fitness Burbank.

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