Thursday, May 9, 2013

Website of the Week: IKEAhackers

A few minutes, a drill and screwdriver to hack your IKEA lamp
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Ipoise: Turn an IKEA Lamp Into  a Multi-Position Ipad Holder

An interesting website, IKEAhackers, uses readers' input to suggest useful new gadgets created by "hacking" existing IKEA products. A current suggestion is to use an IKEA drafting-table style lamp and an Ipad holder bracket to create an easily positionable holder that keeps your Ipad at the right height and angle to use hands-free in a kitchen, shop or bedroom. Other projects on the page use the same Tertial lamp to make a chandelier, a mic stand, or a ceiling light.  The left-column menu leads to hundreds of "hack projects" for all rooms and purposes.

Excerpt: "Materials: TERTIAL lamp, 4world iPad bracket

Description: Taking the TERTIAL lamp (£8.50) from Ikea, remove the lamp fitting and flatten bracket. Then take 4world iPad holder, position the bracket in the centre of the rotating disc, drill a couple of holes, get a couple of small bolts nuts and washers.

Fit the bracket and there you have it a multi-positional iPad bedside holder for less than 20 quid!"

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