Friday, June 14, 2013

Art Competition Finds the Beauty in Science

Transparent worms show off DNA and RNA in bright colors
A new art competition at Princeton University is aimed at scientists, not art majors.  Researchers and scientists are challenged to record and submit examples of the beauty inherent in various natural and experimental phenomena to the "Art of Science" contest, where three winners are chosen by a professional jury and an additional three via public voting.

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Excerpt: "Science isn't just about collecting data and making charts and graphs. Experiments often produce moments of inspiring beauty: A dye dropped into water gives the impression of a green flame erupting from a murky black sea. Boring black cobalt oxide becomes brilliant blue when heated to 800 degrees Celsius. And an image of coral takes on a different character when two eyes suddenly peer out from its center.
The Art of Science competition at Princeton University challenges scientists to record the sometimes fleeting moments when science becomes art. This year's competition drew 170 entries from 24 departments throughout the university; a jury selected three winners, and three additional entries were chosen by viewers.
Here are a few of our favorites from among the entries, with captions written by the artists ... er, scientists."

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