Friday, June 7, 2013

Ben & Jerry's To Halt All GMO Ingredients

As the use of genetically-modified organisms in food continues to generate controversy, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has announced they will completely eliminate the use of any ingredient that contains GMOs.  This is easier said than done, since flavorings often contain dozens of ingredients in minute portions. 

An interesting note is that the well-known boutique ice cream brand is no longer a small independent company, but is part of the international mega-corporation Unilever.  Unilever was one of many companies that spent lavishly to defeat California's Proposition 37 in 2012, a voter initiative to require all foods that contain GMOs to be clearly labeled as such.  It is uncertain if the move by Ben & Jerry's is an attempt to distance itself a bit from its corporate parent, or a PR maneuver by giant Unilever to appear more socially conscious.

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Excerpt: "Ben & Jerry's is removing a controversial ingredient from its ice cream: Genetically-modified organisms.
As of now, only 80% of Ben & Jerry's ingredients are sourced non-GMO, according to the ice cream maker. But by the end of the year, the company aims to completely phase out genetically modified products from its ice cream.
The Vermont-based ice cream maker said on its website that the undertaking will be 'complex' because a single flavor can contain up to 40 ingredients. As a result, the conversion process may continue into 2014.
Genetically modified foods, which are engineered to resist insecticides and herbicides, have been a source of controversy in the U.S. and abroad. Supporters say the plants boost crop yields, increasing the global food supply, while critics argue the chemicals can be harmful to the environment and lead to serious health problems."

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