Monday, June 10, 2013

Verizon Targets Latino Wireless Market with New Brand Partner JLo

Viva Móvil is a new brand offshoot of Verizon Wireless, a cellular company aimed squarely at the burgeoning Latino market.  The company's other canny marketing maneuver is to partner with the world's Latino superstar, Jennifer Lopez, to launch and promote the new company.

The new Latino cellular venture will feature several innovations aimed squarely at the way Latinos shop and buy.  For instance, the NY retail store, boasting a fully bilingual staff, will also have children's play areas to allow families to shop while their children are occupied and tended to.

Lopez occupies a unique place in the world of celebrity branding.  To working class consumers, she is an example of "Jenny from the block" who made it big through persistence and hard work. Meanwhile she communicates a different message to moneyed and assimilated Latinos, representing a smart and experienced businesswoman who controls her own brand empire.

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How Jennifer Lopez is Becoming a Wireless Brand with Verizon
Excerpt: "Jennifer Lopez's partnership with Verizon Wireless to launch a new mobile brand targeting Latinos is a no-brainer when you consider the surging growth rates of those consumers in the U.S. and their high ownership of smartphones. But positioning the popular singer and actress with the brand was not as simple as it might seem.

In January Verizon enlisted marketing strategist Jeetendr Sehdev, who specializes in celebrity brand partnerships, to position the new Lopez brand, Viva Móvil, in which she is an investor and creative director. His first task, after conducting quantitative and qualitative research, was to identify how her celebrity and the brand aligned in consumer opinion before Viva Móvil was launched.

Interestingly, Sehdev found that Lopez's success was interpreted differently, according to the degree of acculturation among Hispanic consumers. More assimilated Latinos admired her for her business acumen, those less-acculturated liked her for her rags-to-riches, 'Jenny From The Block’ persona. An added benefit for Verizon in teaming up with Lopez is her crossover appeal to a more general audience.

'That’s hard to do, especially within Hollywood and mainstream media because you often get stereotyped and she’s been able to break free of that while still resonating with a Hispanic audience,' says Sehdev. 'The way we positioned this is that this is more than a Verizon brand; Viva Móvil is a new brand built on upon Jennifer Lopez’s brand equity and identity, with Verizon in partnership. We are creating a celebratory brand shopping experience that like Zumba has an appeal as an across-the-board experience whether you’re Hispanic or not.' "

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