Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Artist Maps 50 States by the Corporations that Define THem

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Artist-writer Steve Lovelace recently finished an article predicting that geographic entities like states are rapidly becoming irrelevant, as the internet makes our social media friends into more of a community than our physical neighbors.  Meanwhile the rise of corporations makes them the supreme  entity in our modern world.  So why not combine these two trends and map the 50 states replacing each state with the corporation that best represents the state where it began.  Some states on Lovelace's map have almost no recognizable brands, like Montana or New Mexico, while others like New York, California, and Washington, turn into an epic battle to determine which brand name should get the honor.  Every media outlet that has featured the map soon erupts into a veritable slugfest in the comments section as state residents take umbrage and offer their preferred choices (further reinforcing the author's thesis that our brands are our new tribes).

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Excerpt: "Quick, what's New Mexico's most famous brand? Correct! Nobody cares. Especially me. Anyway, artist and writer Steve Lovelace is getting some buzz for his 'Corporate States of America' map, showing the most famous brand (as of 2012) that originated in each of the 50 states. Lovelace calls the project a response to 'corporate feudalism.' (Overreaching, omnipresent brands—cower before my map!) Most folks seem content to argue about his picks, ignoring—or entirely missing—the social commentary. The most controversial pick is in California, where Apple boots up on top. (Facebook, Google and Frontier Wok can suck it!) Elsewhere, Nike slam dunks Oregon, General Motors drives Michigan, L.L. Bean has the biggest footprint in Maine, General Electric electrifies my home state of Connecticut, and Hooters stands out in Florida. If corporate feudalism grows unchecked, maybe someday we'll say, 'Let's move to Allsup's!' Of course, when we arrive, it'll still be New Mexico, hot as hell with nothing much to do. Kidding, of course. New Mexico rocks. They've got some sweet convenience stores there—or so I hear."

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