Wednesday, July 17, 2013

National Dance Day Will Take Over LA July 27th

July 27th, Saturday afternoon, the Dizzyfeet Foundation presents its annual National Dance Day.  Events in Los Angeles feature the big group dance in downtown LA's new Grand Park, led by Nigel Lithgoe and Adam Shankman from FOX tv's "So You Think You Can Dance".  Over the hill in the Valley, the Sherman Oaks Galleria will present their National Dance Day event at 6pm with Dance It Out's Billy Blanks, Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks.  The choreography for the national afternoon event is available via instructional video online:

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
NBC Los Angeles

Link to article:
Excerpt: "National Dance Day is on its whimsical, health-nice way -- you're limbering up as you read this, right? Good -- and there's a way to mark the occasion in grand, over-the-top, multitudes-shimmying-together style.
Yep, 'grand' was a hint there. It turns out our own Grand Park is going to be the West Coast's HQ for this get-out-and-move spectacular, an event in which organizers are expecting 'thousands.'
That's in thousands of dancers, and you're invited to be one on Saturday, July 27. Say you have no skillz in the shake-it arena? No worries. A number of 'So You Think You Can Dance?' stars -- hi Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman -- will swing by the park to stir up the jubiliant energy.
The 'thousands' bit is kind of the headline here, we acknowledge that, but we're almost a little sweeter on this fun factoid: The park people vow that dancers will be able to shake their stuff in the splash pad of Grand Park's historic fountain, a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity. (Try that on any other day and, yeah, you'll probably be spoken to in a kind but stern manner.)"
(Note:  Hunter Communications handles events for Sherman Oaks Galleria.)

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