Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Apple changes fonts in new iOS7

The brand new Iphone operating system that Apple is currently testing in beta, iOS7, has undergone a bit of change in appearance.  In an uncharacteristic act of beta-testing regret for the Cupertino giant, the latest version of the new operating system swaps out Helvetica Neue Light for a sturdier, less-stylish, but perhaps more readable standard weight of Helvetica Neue.  Apple fans are alternately dreading and anxiously awaiting the new OS, especially after the messy loose ends that marked iOS6 at release (the new Apple Maps application included as default was widely mocked and derided).

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C|Net UK

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iOS 7 swaps skinny font for thicker one in typographic U-turn
Excerpt: "Out with the old, in with the Neue! The Helvetica Neue that is, because in an uncharacteristic change of heart, Apple has swapped the font used in iOS 7, the upcoming revamp of its mobile operating system.

While the beta version of iOS 7 made its debut using a font called Helvetica Neue Light, an update to that early offering has now switched that font to bog-standard Helvetica Neue, Business Insider reports.

The new font -- as you can see in the site's example paragraphs below -- has much thicker lines, and should show up better against the bright colours and glassy transparencies that iOS 7 employs heavily. A bold change you might say, eh? Eh? Oh.

While the change is a minor one, choosing a font is an important decision, especially for a smart phone or tablet you're going to be staring at for hours on end. Apple also isn't known to tinker too extensively with its software, or change its mind on design, so the switch could indicate the company is prepared to make other alterations too."

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