Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Australian Artist Creates Font Out of Light From Moving Iphone

Marcus Byrne, an artist from Melbourne, Australia, started out experimenting with turning streaks of moving light into 3D objects that could be captured on camera and computer.  Then he got the idea to "air draw" the letters of the alphabet using the light from his Iphone, and capture the light streaks in 3.5 second intervals.  The result is an interesting brushstroke font the artist has made free for download at Dafont.

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Excerpt: "Designer Marcus Byrne of Melbourne, Australia created a 3D letter and font suite using the light from an iPhone.

Byrne created the Phone Streak font in darkness by painting characters in the air with the light from the iPhone. He photographed the light streaks in 3.5 second exposures with a Canon 5D camera. According to the artist’s page on Behance, the project started as an experiment on turning hand-waving gestures into a 3D object. Byrne decided to create a working font suite that he would give away for free."

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