Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is this comedy/music video the Gangnam Style of 2013?

We saw this posted on Scandipop, a blog promoting Scandinavian music, on Wednesday.  By Thursday LA djs were posting it on FACEBOOK and discussing whether it was too late to become the song of the summer.  Today everyone and their fathers (literally) are raving about Ylvis, a Norwegian comedy duo promoting a new season of their tv series, and their BONKERS music video, "The Fox".  In three days it has logged 3.5 million Youtube views (update: 14 days and 37 million!), and counting. The first 30 second you find yourself saying "This is just stupid!" then suddenly you are hooked.  We defy you to listen all the way through without being earwormed by the line "What the fox say?"

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USA Today

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Excerpt: "Move over, PSY. Your 15 minutes are done. The next viral music-video sensation looks like The Fox from Norwegian brother duo Ylvis.

The song's strange enough, with lyrics that scan like a discount publisher's children's book delivered with deadpan seriousness by Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker over a dance beat. Add a little cosplay action to the video, and you've got a piece of multi-sensory insanity that falls somewhere between the Flaming Lips and Crazy Frog.

It can be only a matter of time before The Fox spawns a legion of Ylvis impersonators."

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