Wednesday, September 18, 2013

KCET Polls Readers to Choose "LA's Iconic Dish"

It was a noble battle, starting with sixteen of the food options that make you immediately think of eating in LA.  From Pink's chili-topped hot dogs, In-N-Out's cheeseburger, Pinkberry's frozen yogurt and Taco Zone's carnitas taco to Langer's pastrami #19, the street cart's bacon-wrapped late night hot dog and Korean bulgogi at Soot Bull Jeep, these were iconic dishes that define a city.  After weeks of bracketed shoot-outs in eight categories representing THE MEAT, THE DIP, EASTSIDE vs WESTSIDE, NEWBIES, THE DOGS, 80s RELICS, SANDWICHES, and TWISTS, the choice was narrowed to four, and now to the final two.

Four titans of LA gastronomy battled, including Philippe's French dip, Roscoe's chicken and waffles, CPK's bbq chicken pizza, and Donut Man's strawberry-topped donut.  Now the finals this week will decide between (drum roll, please).....

The French dip sandwich versus the strawberry-topped donut!  Congratulations to Hunter Communications client California Pizza Kitchen, whose 80's creation barbecue chicken pizza survived weeks of battles to reach the top four all-time Los Angeles foods.

This week you will be able to vote between the top two and choose the crowning achievement of LA's iconic dishes.

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LA's Iconic Dish

Excerpt: "There are a huge number of people around the world who think Angelenos don't really eat. And only go to restaurants for the scene.

This is, of course, baffling to anyone who's lived in L.A. longer than two years or so.

Los Angeles is full of people who care passionately about food, and there are plenty of restaurants happy to serve us. We don't all agree on what constitutes "good," but we do know we like our burgers, our froyo, our Korean BBQ, our pizza. (That's right, our pizza. We like it.)

The thing is, we don't have one iconic dish. Nothing that we can point to and say, "this. This is Los Angeles on a plate."

But we should have that dish, and we're going to find out what it is. Come back here to KCET Food on Monday, and vote in our competition. It's a Sweet Sixteen of dishes that originated in L.A. and are still served at the very place they were created. (Which means California rolls are out, as is the Cobb salad.)"

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