Monday, September 23, 2013

Pantone's Top Color for Spring 2014 is "Dazzling Blue"

The top color for the spring 2014 season, according to the color theory experts at Pantone, is something both bright and familiar.  "Dazzling Blue" is a bright, pure shade of cobalt, and should strike a chord of recognition in viewers.  It's both the signature shade of New York's new Citibikes program, and the logo of ubiquitous social media app Facebook.  The interesting balance in the palettes for spring, according to the colorists at Pantone, is between the soft neutrals on display and the bright pops of cobalt and intense pure yellow.

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Excerpt: "Summer isn’t officially over but Pantone – the leading authority on the colors used in paint, fabrics and manufacturing – sprang forward Thursday to reveal its top 10 fashion hues for next spring.

Leading the charge is 'Dazzling Blue,' a shade of cobalt familiar since it’s the same color of both Facebook’s logo and Citibank’s wildly popular bike share program in New York City.

Each season, Pantone surveys designers from Fashion Week and beyond to collect feedback on the prominent colors and inspirations they plan to use in upcoming collections.

This year’s results revealed a range from the bold No. 1 color to more earthy neutrals and soft pastels.

'What you see is a real balance, or what we call equilibrium, between the light and the bright, and the bridge of the neutrals like "Sand" and "Paloma" in between,' Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, told Pantone revealed its spring palette at the start New York Fashion Week Spring 2014, which runs from Sept. 5-12.

Eiseman said to expect those colors to be featured prominently on the runways.

'Absolutely,' she said. 'We base this on what we gathered from designers, so it comes directly from them. It’s not guesswork on their part. They send us sketches and thoughts on why they chose what they chose.'
'Dazzling Blue', which made an early Fashion Week appearance Wednesday during the JSong collection, ranked first on Pantone's spring colors for women, with 17.05 percent of designers using the color. The pastel-toned 'Violet Tulip' came in second (16.47 percent), followed by the brighter 'Radiant Orchid' (15.88 percent)."

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