Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween 2013's Hottest Costumes

Sexy costumes will still be inescapable
Here we thought everyone would be Honey BooBoo this year! But apparently, though pop culture references rule the costume scene this year, the looks that you will see to the point of nausea come from such topical figures as "Game of Thrones" dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen, "Breaking Bad" antihero Walter White, pop bad girl Miley Cyrus, pre-pregnancy Snooki, the men of "Duck Dynasty" and "Despicable Me"'s cute yellow Minions.

Halloween started out as a holiday for kids, but the last few decades have seen grownup parties for the holiday starting to eclipse New Year's Eve as an excuse for an all-out blowout.  So you can also expect to see lots of "sexy ___" costumes, especially for women, where anything and everything from Teletubbies to parking meter maids can become fodder for the g-string, pushup bra and lace-up corset treatment.

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Excerpt: "Unless you’ve been living under a Styrofoam tombstone, you’re already familiar with Daenerys Targaryen, minions, gyrating Miley, Harley Quinn, Walter White and Abby Bominable.

If you aren’t, you will be. The most coveted Halloween costumes this year are inspired by pop culture references.

At Jokes R Wild in New Castle, owner Bill Wilson sees young customers clamoring for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' armor, 'Monster High' plaid onesies and those squat yellow cylindrical creatures from 'Despicable Me.' That’s right, 'minion' is the most frequently searched costume online, according to recent data from Experian Marketing Services, followed by Wonder Woman, Batman villainess Harley Quinn and Minnie Mouse.

Other popular choices: Reality show icons Dog the Bounty Hunter, Snooki (pre-mommy) from 'Jersey Shore,' and those zany duck-calling enthusiasts from 'Duck Dynasty.'

Nearly 66 percent of adults celebrate Halloween, according to the latest survey by the National Retail Federation, spending an estimated $6.9 billion this year. That includes $2 billion in candy and $330 million in animal costumes (for actual animals). The average consumer will spend about $75 this year, down from $80 last year.

A complete outfit, including shoes and accessories at Jokes R Wild, can top $100, according to Wilson. Costumes are typically priced from $35 to $50. Licensed apparel can be more expensive.In an uncertain economy, some customers try to skimp by recycling items from the back of their closets and simply refreshing accessories, Wilson says. One young woman came into Wilson’s shop recently searching for a Wonder Woman headband and belt (they are not sold separately). It was back to the drawing board."

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