Friday, October 4, 2013

Ikea Hackers Project Makes Rolling Library Storage

Ikea Hackers is a project website that challenges readers to come up with custom pieces using existing IKEA products.  This week's project turns two laminated tabletops, a trio of  bookshelves, and a bunch of casters into a smart, space-utilizing desk/table that incorporates rolling library shelving that roll out when needed and tuck neatly back after you finish.  Reader comments even suggest expanding the project into a storage bed with 8 or ten rolling units tucked under the sides.

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IKEA Hackers

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A Library on Wheels

Excerpt: "Materials: Expedit, Linnmon Description: I live in a duplex in which the upper floor has an inclined ceiling. In a corner I have my computer desk, and behind my back the ceiling is pretty low, and I need to make the most of it. So I thought of something like this, using three 2×2 EXPEDIT modules on wheels with a LINNMON table top on it.

So the list of purchase is:

From IKEA:
+ 3 2×2 EXPEDIT modules
+ 2 75cmx150cm LINNMON table tops

From a local DIY store:
+ 2 3cm x 3cm, 240cm long wood strip
+ 1 1cm x 3cm, 240cm long wood strip
+ 6 side casters (to be placed on top of the modules)
+ 6 small plastic caster (which will touch the sides of the top of the modules)
+ 12 medium rubber caster (under the modules, they’re a bit more expensive, but I do not want to leave marks on the wooden floor)

First I assembled the EXPEDIT modules, and placed them in place, and put the LINNMON table top above. As the wall behind my desk has a radiator, it restricts the length I have, so I had to cut the table top. Moreover, the corner is not 90 degrees, so I had to cut it accordingly. I used a circular saw for that purpose.

I also estimated the height I would need, and cut the other table top to use it as a side. Now LINNMON table tops have wood strips on four sides, but the middle is made of cardboard honeycomb, and I had to reinforce the side I had cut. For this purpose I had to reduce a strip of 3×3 to 3×2,8, and cast it inside the side. I then assembled the two table tops with three dowels."

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