Thursday, October 17, 2013

IKEA Not Currently Planning to Expand Solar Panel Sales to US Locations

Along the aisles of flat-pack desks and tables, brightly-colored plates and linens, IKEA consumers have the option of picking up a house worth of photovoltaic solar panels that will pay for themselves within a few years.  But wait, that's only in the UK, not here. Still, the success of IKEA's pilot program across the pond may accelerate or delay plans for someone (if not IKEA, "at this point in time") to be the first retailer in the US to sell solar panel installations over the counter. The 17 British stores of IKEA will roll out their solar energy products within the next 10 months.

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Los Angeles Times

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IKEA to Sell Solar Panels in British Stores, But US Must Wait

Excerpt: "The Swedish home goods giant will offer photovoltaic solar panel packages in its 17 British stores within the next 10 months. The systems, from Chinese manufacturer Hanergy Solar Group, will cost roughly $9,200 for a three-bedroom home.

With the help of British government subsidies, panel purchasers should be able to see returns within seven years, according to Ikea.

Last year, Ikea paired with Hanergy to install rooftop photovoltaic modules on Ikea stores in China.

The retailer has for years pursued an eco-friendly philosophy, offering energy-efficient appliances and LED bulbs while also pledging to rely on renewable power for all of its energy needs by 2020.

In the U.S., nearly 40 Ikea locations -- including distribution centers -- already use solar panels to generate power.

But the company said in a statement that 'at this point in time Ikea US has no plans to sell solar panels.'

And so far, no other retailers in the country stock solar panels on their shelves, according to the Solar Energy Industries Assn.

'But it’s coming,' the trade group said in a statement. 'And if Ikea is successful in the UK, it’s likely to happen sooner than anyone thinks.'

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