Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Apple Forbids Using Colorful Iphones in App Marketing

With the introduction of the new gold Iphone 5S and the array of candy-colored 5Cs, you would expect to see a rainbow of the devices everywhere, even in the marketing of IOS apps, right?  Well the corporate masters in Cupertino are making sure that isn't the case. A newly published set of marketing guidelines for the App Store specifies that apps can use any color they like in their marketing materials, as long as those colors are gray, silver or blue.

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Ad Week

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Excerpt: "Given the slick and supple advertising Apple has cranked out for its new iPhone models, specifically the gold 5S and brightly colored 5C, you'd assume the tech giant is proud of its new palette. So why aren't iPhone app developers allowed to show off these vibrant new looks?

In its newly updated App Store Marketing Guidelines, Apple lays out the following rule for which types of iPhones and iPads can be featured by developers marketing an iOS app:
Feature only the most current Apple products in the following finishes or colors: iPhone 5s in silver or space gray, iPhone 5c in white or blue, iPad Air in silver or space gray, and iPad mini in silver or space gray.
Curiously omitted, as noted by MacRumors, are the gold iPhone 5S and the 5C versions in green, yellow and pink. None of these color schemes will be allowed in any marketing, since these rules apply whether you're using Apple's official product images or shooting custom photography and video to promote an app."

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