Friday, November 29, 2013

LA Auto Show Brings a Parade of "Cool Cars"

The Los Angeles Auto Show isn't the first stop on the US auto show tour, and is not necessarily as influential as New York's or Detroit's.  But with the media and resources here, it definitely gets as much coverage as anywhere else, served with a thick layer of bright LA pop and Hollywood glamour. 

This year's edition opened to the public Friday the 22nd, and runs through December 1 at the LA Convention Center at the popular prices of $10 to $12 admission.  The tech and auto design experts at the LA Times give us a shorthand view of the coolest cars to expect and seek out at the show.

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Los Angeles Times

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Editors' Picks: The Top 5 Cars on the show floor

Excerpt: "Of the scores of cars on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we’ve culled the herd down to five you definitely need to check out. The show, at the L.A. Convention Center, opened to the media on Tuesday and opens to the public on Friday.

Here are our five favorites (and one total loser):

Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo. Wow. Just … wow. Jaws dropped in unison as this over-the-top supercar concept rolled through a haze of smoke onto the Mercedes-Benz stage. You will never own this car, and it’s not because you are not super-rich. Mercedes will never build another one or sell it. The automaker knew that going in. It simply wanted to give its top designers free reign to dream big – no limits. And we can respect that. Some of the radical design language will make its way into production cars later. (And you can drive a version, but only in the Gran Turismo video game.) Surely, the designers learned a thing or two about pushing limits in the process. Just look at this thing – it’s hard to look away.

Porsche Macan. Porsche has been on a serious hot streak for many years now. The Macan, a smart play in the exploding compact crossover segment, could put the automaker over the top. Even in this awkward category – what is a crossover, anyway? – the Macan manages to look both aggressive and refined. It deftly mixes utility, luxury, breakneck speed and, almost assuredly, Porsche-like handling. The 400-horsepower turbo model turns zero-to-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, a truly ludicrous figure for a grocery-getter. The base model, starting at $50,895, isn’t much slower. Expect waiting lists when the Macan hits dealers lots.

Chevy Colorado. The Chevrolet Colorado has huge potential. Here’s an honest–to-goodness Chevy truck that won’t kill you on gas but has plenty of utility and towing power. Think of it as the Goldilocks pickup – not too big but not too small. General Motors is packing the interior with the technology and amenities today’s truck buyers demand and offering a smart selection of engine choices. We figure the four-cylinder will be gobbled up by businesses that need trucks but want to skimp on gas (and prefer their employees don’t drive anywhere fast). The six-cylinder will be the choice for towing, or for buyers who just enjoy a beefier engine. The promised diesel engine could be a home run, offering the combination of power, torque and fuel economy lacking in many trucks now."

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