Thursday, November 21, 2013

No More "Thumbs Up" for Facebook Like Buttons

The new "Like" button (below)
The iconic, simple blue line drawing of a hand forming the "thumbs up" of approval has made the Facebook "like" button into one of the world's most recognizable icons.  But now the social media giant has scrapped and redesigned its "like" and "share" button icons, opting for a bigger, brighter icon in familiar Facebook blue, featuring the company's lowercase "f" logo. 

The icons are ubiquitous, viewed by 22 billion pairs of eyes a day.  So the stakes are enormous, and a successful redesign that encourages viewer clicks translates into money in the bank for Facebook.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
SF Gate

Link to article:
Facebook Axes the Iconic "Thumbs Up" from its Like Button

Excerpt: "Ever since Facebook first introduced its Like button in 2010, it has stuck to the same logo: that blue-and-white thumbs up next to the word "Like."

Of course, the number of websites promoting their content with that old button has increased astronomically—the Like and Share buttons are viewed over 22 billion times per day—and Facebook has finally decided that it's time to try something new.

Feast your eyes on the new logos, which Facebook will start rolling out in the next few weeks. The logos ditch the thumbs up of yore in favor of more bright blue and the company's signature F.

Facebook has also made it easier for websites to include the Like and Share buttons side-by-side and says that it has seen an increase in the number of Likes and Shares throughout its testing of the redesign.

Didn't know that Like and Share were technically different?

Facebook's blog post clears up the confusion: Like lets you post to Facebook with one click, while Share lets you add your own message first and decide who gets to see the post. "

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