Monday, November 11, 2013

Photo of the Week: Smalltown Hollywood Visits its Sunday Market

They say that Los Angeles is a hundred suburbs in search of a city.  But sometimes it is a collection of small towns.  On Sunday mornings, the celebrated little town of Hollywood packs up its bags and carts and heads for Ivar Avenue and Selma, in the heart of Hollywood, for the weekly Farmers' Market.

The main drag on Ivar has certified produce, flowers, plants, and farm products like honey.  The cross street at Fountain is lined with food booths and some vendors that defy description, like the "poem store".  On any bright morning or sunny afternoon, you'll see a cross section of all the fair citizens of this little town within a great city.

Morning shoppers share the day with a fine selection of plants, flowers and produce at the weekly Farmers' Market.

Watch the Flickr slideshow of the Market and its fare:

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