Monday, November 4, 2013

"Tweet-a-Coffee" to a Friend With Starbucks' New Social Media Program

Granted it isn't all that hard to send a Starbucks gift card to a friend.  If you have an account you can log in, enter the friend's email address, add a note, specify the amount, and let Starbucks take care of the rest.  

But that takes a few steps too many.  If it were a lot more effortless, and the amount sent a bit more trivial, people would send each other a tiny gift more often.  That is the philosophy behind the coffee giant's new social media experiment.  The "Tweet-a-Coffee" program, once you are registered, only takes a simple tweet to give a $5 e-gift to anyone whose twitter name you know.  This should encourage people to buy a friend, acquaintance, or even someone you don't yet know a coffee on the spur of the moment.

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Wall Street Journal

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Excerpt: "Building upon Starbucks digital gifting and engagement offerings, tweet-a-coffee (launching today in beta form) will be an ongoing platform that will allow customers to engage with one another online to gift a Starbucks beverage spontaneously and respond proactively with gestures of encouragement, kindness on and 'just because.' Starbucks first launched its eGifting platform in 2011 on and has extended that offering to Facebook, its iPhone mobile app and now through Twitter.

Starting today through Nov. 6, the first 100,000 customers who tweet a coffee using a Visa card will also receive a $5 Starbucks Card e-gift for themselves, courtesy of Visa and Starbucks.

'What's so exciting about extending our eGifting platform to Twitter is the open and real time nature of the platform. Tweet-a-coffee allows us to do something quite different in eGifting in that people can now give the gift of Starbucks to anyone on Twitter in the moment. This can be between the closest of friends, the most distant of colleagues, or even between people who have not even had the chance to meet yet in person, but have connected in some way on Twitter,' said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer, Starbucks. 'We love the possibilities that the Twitter community can unlock to share acts of kindness with one another. Tweet-a-coffee is a key next step as we innovate our social digital gifting offering.'

'Starbucks is really breaking ground here,' said Joel Lunenfeld, vice president of brand strategy at Twitter. 'Shared experiences, such as a television show, a sporting event, or someone sharing a gift, are at the heart of the Twitter experience. It's also central to what it means to be a modern brand.' "

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