Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Jifiti App Combines Gift Card and Traditional Gift Giving

Last-minute shopping can be fraught with stress and pressure.  Most of us succumb to the temptation of just giving up and reaching for a gift card off the elefantine display at our local mega-supermarket.  But what if there were an app that could combine the possibilities of gift cards with the chance to send an actual gift from someone's wishlist? 

the new start-up Jifiti (app for Iphone or Android) lets you gift with e-cards or any item you might see at a participating retailer's store or website.  The gift will arrive as an email or message in the recipient's inbox. A picture of a wrapped gift invites the recipient to open it, revealing the gift you sent, which is bought, paid for, and available to pick up instantly at any location of the retailer's physical stores or website. It's a clever gimmick that somehow seems much more thoughtful and distinctive than a simple gift card.

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The New York Times

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Excerpt: " The Pitch: Through market research, the founders determined two things: People hate giving gift cards because they feel impersonal. Those same people, however, love getting gift cards because they can select the gift they really want. Jifiti has created an app that is designed to make everyone happy. It allows users to give a specific gift from a roster of retailers and then send it digitally; the recipient can choose to keep or to exchange the item — either through the app or in one of the retailer’s physical stores. The retailers integrated into Jifiti’s platform include: Gap, Barnes & Noble, Game Stop, Sephora and Old Navy.
How it Works: Users can browse a store’s inventory through the app, choose the item they want to give as a gift and pay for it. 'Within seconds a note is sent by text, email or through Facebook to the recipient alerting them they have been sent a gift,' Mr. Martin said. The person receiving the gift 'opens' a card that contains a personal note and sees a wrapped gift. With a click, it unwraps and a picture of the gift appears. When recipients click on 'redeem this gift,' they see a gift card with a code on it that can be used to have that specific item shipped to them or to exchange it for something else. Givers can also walk into a participating retailer’s brick-and-mortar store and use the app to scan the item they want and complete the transaction.
Traction: Jifiti has more than 50 national retailers integrated into the app. 'We have more demand from retailers than we can on-board,' Mr. Martin said. For a retailer, adopting Jifiti’s app requires no integration on their part. 'They just sign up,' he said. 'We’re already integrated with the third-party gift card issuers they use, so they just have to approve Jifiti to produce gift codes and give us product feed so they can exist inside our app.' "

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