Friday, December 13, 2013

Extensis Reveals Top Ten Web Fonts for 2013

Extensis, the software provider for business and workgroups, has revealed the top ten web fonts for 2013.  After compiling data from Extensis' own font service, WebINK, the list shows that the most sought-after fonts for use in web projects are subtle variations on sans-serif powerhouses like Helvetica.  Watch below the clip where Thomas Phinney, Extensis' font guru-in-residence, demonstrates each font in action on an online magazine page, and expounds on the uses and attributes of each of the top ten.

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Excerpt: "Extensis revealed today the list of top 10 web fonts used in 2013. According to data collected from the professional web font service WebINK, designers and developers used Myriad Pro most often for their projects, a position it also held in 2012.

New to this year’s list of top 10 used fonts are Fakt Pro and Museo Sans. These both continue the typography trend toward modern san serifs.

Fakt Pro by Thomas Thiemich is a fresh “Helvetica alternative,” as are several others already on the list such as Theinhardt and Aktiv Grotesk.

Museo Sans is a geometric sans serif by Jos Buivenga, that has a warm and somewhat retro feel, not unlike its Top-10 stablemate Proxima Nova.

The top 10 web fonts in use for 2013 are:
1. Myriad Pro by Carol Twombly & Robert Slimbach from Adobe
2. Theinhardt by François Rappo from Optimo
3. Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson from Mark Simonson Studio
4. Futura PT by Paul Renner, Vladimir Yefimov and Isabella Chaeva from ParaType
5. Aktiv Grotesk, a team effort from Dalton Maag
6. Effra by Fabio Luiz Haag & Jonas Schudel from Dalton Maag
7. Fakt Pro by Thomas Thiemich from OurType
8. Museo Sans by Jos Buivenga from exljbris
9. Adelle by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione from TypeTogether
10. Omnes by Joshua Darden from Darden Studio

Thomas Phinney, industry font guru and Senior Product Manager, Fonts & Typography at Extensis, noted: 'The latest font trends are always fascinating. WebINK customers continue to value quality crafting mixed with both leading-edge design and timeless classics from great designers.' "

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