Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo of the Week: Small-Time Pro Wrestling in Big City LA

Pro wrestling used to be more of a mom and pop kind of operation, with every region across the country operating its own hometown league or at least franchise, and all of them choosing their "national" and "world" champion belt title-holders.  Then in the 80s and 90s wrestling consolidated andbecame big business, and eventually the one remaining major league, the WWE, became the face for all pro wrestling in the US.

But some hometown leagues remained, and more sprung up.  Fans still appreciate the intimacy of watching matches in a small auditorium or American Legion hall, and having their own local heroes and heels to root for and boo.  For the last three years, LA has been fortunate to have a thriving small wresting promotion televised late nights on weekend television.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ( is broadcast in the wee hours on local channel KDOC and nationally on satellite network MAV-tv, and brings back the excitement and ridiculous thrills of classic wrestling.  After years of taping their shows in front of live audiences in Hollywood, Glendale and the city of Commerce, the league found a fine new home at the Oceanview Pavilion in classic California beach town Port Hueneme.  At 50 miles up the coast, the "from Hollywood" name is tenuous, but the action and fun are better than ever.  Here is a photo album from one of their recent Sunday afternoon extravaganzas:

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