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Top Ten Lists for 2013 - Top Ten Tech Gadgets

2014 won't go down in history as a year of great leaps forward in technology.  Most of the gadgets on this list are refinements of earlier products or concepts that are closer to market.  But all of them moved the state of the art a bit closer to the wild science fiction future of our youth.  Here are the top ten in ascending order, courtesy of the LA Times (excerpt from the full article below):

10. Motorola Moto X modular customizable phone

9. LG G Flex Flexible curved-screen phone

8. Galaxy Gear smart wristwatch for cellphone pairing

7. Leap Motion Controller

6. Nokia 1020 mobile phone with 41-megapixel camera

4/5. *TIE* Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4

3. Google Chromecast digital TV dongle

2. Apple Ipad Air

And at the coveted #1 spot, the most loved and hated new device that still hasn't hit the market......

1. Google Glass! (Hope we'll see you next year?)

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
Los Angeles Times

Link to article:
The top 10 tech gadgets of 2013

Excerpt: "6. Nokia Lumia 1020
The Lumia 1020 is one of the most impressive gadgets we've seen this year, yet it had one of the worst launches.
The Nokia smartphone has top-of-the-line specifications, including a 720p HD 4.5-inch screen and the highest-resolution smartphone camera, with 41 megapixels. The camera lets users take pictures they can then zoom in on without decreasing the quality of the image.
But the Lumia 1020 runs on the Windows Phone operating system, and when it came out this summer, the platform was still missing many popular apps. At $299 with a two-year contract when it launched, it was also a bit pricey.
Since then, the Windows Phone system has been beefed up with more apps, and the price of the Lumia 1020 has been cut. Nokia lowered the phone's price to $199 with a two-year contract, and Windows Phone added Instagram, Vine and Waze -- three apps that had been noticeably missing.
Now, at a competitive price and with more apps available to flex the device's camera muscles, the Lumia 1020 is one of the best smartphones you can buy if photos are a top priority.
4 (Tie). Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One
This year marked the first time Sony and Microsoft released new video game consoles in more than seven years. Sony came out with the Playstation 4, and Microsoft launched the Xbox One.
The two systems are fairly similar, offering 500-gigabyte hard drives in similarly styled black shells. But the two companies are taking different approaches in marketing their products.
Sony is going after the hard-core gamers, offering them the ability to easily share video of themselves playing games over the Internet by tapping a "share" button on their game controllers.
Meanwhile, Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be the center of users' home theaters. By saying 'Xbox on' followed by a command, users can control their entertainment systems with their voices. The Xbox One can also load up specific users' profiles and preferences by detecting them with the its Kinect motion-sensor device.
For now, neither system has separated itself as the clear-cut top choice, and picking between them comes down to users' personal preferences. The PS4 retails for $399.99 while the Xbox One goes for $499.99, but good luck finding either one. At many stores they're back ordered.
3. Google Chromecast
Chromecast is a digital TV receiver that functions much like Roku and the Apple TV, but at a far lower price and in a much smaller package. The $35 Chromecast plugs into the TV's HDMI outlet and streams content from users' smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers with Wi-Fi connection.
When it launched, Chromecast worked only with Netflix, YouTube and other Google services. Since then it has been updated to also work with HBO Go, Pandora, Hulu Plus and other online subscription services.
If you're looking for a reliable, low-cost digital TV receiver, look no further than Chromecast."

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