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Top Ten Lists for 2013: Top Ten Tech FAILS

As we peruse the usual wealth of year-end "best-of" lists, it's useful to remember that not everything can be the best.  So here, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, is a list of the internet memes, tech stories, or marketing decisions that consituted the absoute worst of 2013.  Again, here is the list of the big FAILS, and then below youcan see an excerpt of the full article:

10. Google's "donkeygate"
9. iOS 7 install error causes Twitter panic
8. Windows 7 grows market share despite Windows 8.1 release
7. Twitter #Music quickly forgotten
6. Go Home, Facebook phone
5. Microsoft Surface fails to sell
4. BlackBerry in general
3. Yahoo's ongoing mail fail
2. debacle
And at the (in this case, not so much ) coveted #1 position, we have the FAIL of the year 2013:
1. NSA surveillance leaks
Facebook Phone That Nobody Wanted
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Los Angeles Times
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Excerpt: " In the world of tech, failure is almost a badge of honor. It shows others in the industry that you've been through tough times but have learned from mistakes and are now primed for success.
Perhaps that's true, but it doesn't make failure any more enjoyable, unless you're on the outside looking in. In that case, tech failure can be down right hilarious.
This year was filled with some pretty big fails, and a surprising bunch of them have only happened recently — I'm looking at you, Yahoo. I give you the top 10 tech fails of 20
10. Google's "donkeygate"
Google turned a near-public-relations problem into the funniest tech story line of 2013 after its users spotted some Street View imagery in Botswana that seemed to show that a company car may have done a hit-and-run on a wild donkey.
The Street View imagery in question showed a donkey standing in the distance, but as users navigated the imagery past the animal, the donkey is seen down on the ground after the Google car passes it up. The donkey looked as if it had been hit by the company's Street View car.
The Silicon Valley giant ended up having to post a blog explaining what exactly had happened, complete with visual evidence showing that no donkeys had been harmed in the making of its panoramic imagery.
'As our imagery below shows, the donkey was lying in the path — perhaps enjoying a dust bath — before moving safely aside as our car drove past. I’m pleased to confirm the donkey is alive and well,' a Google employee said in the post.
9. iOS 7 install error causes Twitter panic
When Apple released iOS 7 in September — its first major redesign of its iPhone and iPad software — millions of its faithful users all tried to download it. The huge traffic resulted in errors for many users that prevented them from downloading the fresh software.
As users tend to do in 2013, many took to Twitter to express their frustration, churning out hilarious tweet after hilarious tweet. The frustration was so widespread, the situation could have been mistaken for the Apocalypse, as BuzzFeed demonstrated.
8. Windows 7 grows market share despite Windows 8.1 release
Microsoft is having the opposite problem of Apple.
In November, more of the company's users installed Windows 7 than they did Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 combined. The stat marked a slow start for Windows 8.1, which was launched in late October.
Microsoft users have been slow to move over to Windows 8 and 8.1, which feature a redesign that emphasizes the use of touchscreen devices. As a result, the more traditional Windows 7 continues to hold the largest market share of any version of Microsoft's software.
7. Twitter #Music quickly forgotten
It's a good thing Twitter scored a major hit with Vine otherwise the San Francisco company may have taken more heat for the failure that is Twitter #music.
The popular social network released Twitter #music for iOS early in 2013 as a way to help users discover music. But shortly after launching, the app fell out of Apple's list of the top 100 apps — usually a sign of failure when major companies release new apps.
Twitter never bothered making an Android version of the app and in October, AllThingsD reported that Twitter #music would be killed. That hasn't happened, but would anyone be surprised if it did?"

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