Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Year of Starbucks Eating and This Women Has no Regrets

Granted, Starbucks has broadened and "beefed up" its food offerings in recent years, nd since teaming up with La Boulange has offered fresh hot pastries as part of the menu.  But have you ever considered living on nothing but the food you can buy at Starbucks?  Seattle woman Beautiful Existence (yes, really) takes each year as a challenge to complete a year-long personal goal.  For 2014 it will be to take up 80 different recreational sports.  But last week Existence finished 2013, her year of eating only food on the menu at Starbucks in her hometown.  Aside for a bit of sticker shock at the price of eating out at retail prices ($7000 for a year's meals) she is in good health and not even bored with the offerings.

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The Huffington Post

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Yep, This Woman Ate Only Starbucks Food for a Year

Excerpt: "One year ago, we wrote about Beautiful Existence, a Seattle woman who vowed to eat only food from Starbucks for an entire calendar year. Well, folks, Ms. Existence successfully completed her endeavor.

The 40-year-old woman spent from $500 to $600 per month on meals. We're guessing Beautiful Existence is grateful that Starbucks vastly improved its food offerings this year with items from La Boulange. She was a big fan of Evolution Fresh smoothies (a brand that Starbucks owns).

At the end of the 365 days, Beautiful Existence celebrated with fish and chips.

Curious as to why she decided to attempt this challenge in the first place? In an early blog post, Beautiful Existence writes:

'So again, WHY? am I doing this challenge? Or WHY? will I do any challenge in the future? Because I LOVE being human and I LOVE the privilege of being able to ask the question WHY? in the first place! I love the question WHY? because sometimes I find that the answer leaves me with even more questions about life… and then, my circle starts all over again and I wouldn’t want my WHY? any other way.'

While the Starbucks year might be behind her, Beautiful Existence has a new challenge for 2014. She's going to try to learn 80 recreational sports."

I lived Starbucks by only eating and drinking their products for 365 days. As depicted in this video...

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