Friday, January 24, 2014

Football As Football? Reimagining NFL Logos as Soccer Team Crests

In the weeks leading up to the Big Game (which must not be mentioned by name at the risk of angering the copyright gods), one of the popular memes that popped up is redesigning the logos of the 32 NFL teams in different styles.  We have seen them done as stuffy British prototypes, obese American symbols, and snobby hipsters.  Now a clever bunch of designers has taken each team and set out to reimagine its logo in the style of British, German, Italian or Spanish soccer teams.  Eventually each team will be done over in all four styles.  For now the results are cool and beautiful.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:

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NFL Logos as European Soccer Badges

Excerpt: "The best thing on the internet right now is Football as Football, a site that redesigns NFL logos as if they were crests for European soccer teams.

(If the site's down for you right now, try back in a bit.)

It's the work of six designers and developers based in Minneapolis, and it doesn't seem to be a commercial enterprise—there are no posters or prints for sale. But even for a labor of love, the designers' commitment here is stunning. The logos are sorted into styles from four different soccer nations, each with their own distinctive tendencies. The NFC and AFC East teams have been reimagined as German club crests; the North divisions as Italian; the Souths as English; and the West teams as Spanish.

The best part is this: it's just getting started. Yesterday's release was Part 1 of 4. But the time it's all said and done, Football as Football hopes to produce four crests for each NFL team, one in each European style."

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