Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Sculptural Bulb Can Make Us Forget About Incandescent

One of the changes that 2014 ushered in is the further encroachment of LED and compact fluorescent lighting, and the elimination of more incandescent bulbs.  For those of us who worry about aesthetics, most of the new generation of lightbulbs are garish and graceless.  Fluorescents are harsh and unnatural, and LEDs can have an odd-colored cast and not work well with dimmers.  So when someone invents a new concept in bare bulbs that are sculptural and beautiful on their own, and also give off a soft, pleasant light that works well with dimmers, it's almost enough to make us forget those lovely old energy-wasting incandescents.

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Excerpt: "As we have noted previously, the bare bulb has become a permanent fixture of the 21st-century interior, a design object in and of itself that no longer needs to be covered but can shine on its own, naked and unadorned.

Many of the bare bulbs hanging in style-conscious lofts and hotel lobbies are of the energy-guzzling Edison variety. But British company Plumen provided an ecofriendly, design-forward alternative with the release of Plumen 001 in 2010. It was the kind of game-changing object that produced a light bulb moment when you first saw it, with its fanciful twisting glass tubes that looked more like a sculpture than a bulb. It is now sold in 47 countries and belongs to the collections of MoMA, the Cooper-Hewitt, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

But if the Plumen light bulb was exciting to look at, its bright light, which was designed as an alternative for the 60W incandescent light bulb, wasn’t as easy to live with. Yesterday, the company introduced Plumen 002, a new iteration of the bulb designed to work on a dimmer and create cozy ambient light for 'wind-down rooms and spaces.' The Plumen 002 uses 75 percent less energy than a 30W incandescent bulb.

In a press release about the launch, Plumen pointed out that while the 001 bulbs are sold worldwide, 'the company is a minnow in an industry selling billions of light bulbs a year.' In an effort to keep their prices competitive (around $35 according to current projections), Plumen launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to draw on support from its worldwide fans; twenty-four hours later they are already halfway to their goal.
'The world needs beautiful energy efficient light bulbs just like it needs Tesla’s gorgeous electric cars,' reads the Kickstarter pitch.' Reducing our energy consumption should feel like a positive, life-enhancing choice, not a compromise.'"
Plumen 002 was inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

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