Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Google App Automatically Logs You In at Starbucks

It doesn't sound that earthshaking.  You would think that logging in to a free wifi server would be pretty simple and self-explanatory.  But go to your local Starbucks and take note of all the hoops you have to jump through to log on, including a semi-deceptive ad clickthrough that takes up a big brightly-colored button on the page (while you have to search for the tiny text link that takes you directly to the wifi).

Now Google, which plans to complete the conversion of Starbucks wifi to its high-speed servers, has revealed that a free app to log on to Google wifi will work at Starbucks locations. The app will be released in iOS and Android versions, and will allow users to detect and log on automatically at Google wifi hotspots, including those at Starbucks.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
CBS News

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Google Wifi App Would Automatically Log Customers Into Starbucks Hotspots

Excerpt: "Google reportedly is developing an app that would automatically connect users with its Google WiFi hotspots. The app would first be used at Starbucks, as Google continues to replace AT&T as the official WiFi network at the coffee chain.

According to Engadget, Google is testing Android and iOS versions at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The site did not have word on if, or when, the app will be publicly released.

Starbucks customers currently have to go to a website and accept terms of service before accessing WiFi. With the app, they'd be connected by simply walking within WiFi range.

Google says the Google WiFi speeds will be 10 times faster than AT&T's. In cities equipped with Google's 1-gigabit broadband service, Google Fiber, the company claims its Starbucks internet speeds will be 100 times faster."

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