Thursday, March 27, 2014

Facebook's Latest Change is Scaring and Angering Businesses

On its way to becoming completely ubiquitous in the lives of  21st-century inhabitants, Facebook convinced businesses that it was easy to put up a Facebook page and get their posts seen by everyone who "liked" them.  Now they pulled the rug out from that scenario. 

Citing user's dislike of commercial clutter messing up their timelines, the social media giant has throttled down the number of posts that a liked company will see delivered to users' pages.  Some big companies will see their posts to users' timelines reduced to one or two percent. The solution? Big shock--companies can pay to assure that all their posts appear.

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Excerpt: " Facebook is ending the free ride, wrote Valleywag’s Sam Biddle in a post that has been greeted with widespread alarm. No, it’s not forcing ordinary users to pay for its service or to share pictures of their babies. Rather, the claim is that it’s deliberately bringing an end to the era of free advertising for businesses via their Facebook pages.

Citing an anonymous source, Biddle reports that Facebook is in the process of slashing brands’ “organic page reach” to just 1 or 2 percent. That means only a tiny fraction of the people who have liked a business on Facebook will see each of its posts in their news feed, unless that company pays Facebook for wider promotion. The organic-reach squeeze would affect 'all brands,' Biddle writes, from corporate behemoths like Nike to local merchants like New York’s Pies ‘n’ Thighs restaurant. He casts this as a cruel bait-and-switch on Facebook’s part:

Facebook pulled the best practical joke of the Internet age: the company convinced countless celebrities, bands, and "brands" that its service was the best way to reach people with eyeballs and money. Maybe it is! But now that companies have taken the bait, Facebook is holding the whole operation hostage.

That’s one way of looking at it.

Here’s another one: People don’t really like seeing a bunch of ads in their news feed. They like seeing updates from friends and family, funny YouTube videos, and maybe some news stories about topics they’re interested in. So Facebook has decided to show them fewer self-promotional posts from businesses and more of all the other stuff. Doesn’t sound quite so nefarious when you think of it that way, does it?"

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