Thursday, March 20, 2014

Google Search Testing New Reader-Friendly Layout

Screen capture of the new results page
Most of us visit the Google Search page every day, and the look of the results page is so iconic as to be indelible. So when news starts filtering through Facebook and Twitter from users who noticed Google testing a much different look for its pages, we don't know whether to worry or cheer.  

The changes that the internet mega-giant is testing are intended to give a cleaner, uncluttered look and improve readability. Gone are the underlines marking links, replaced by simple blue link text that sometimes is set off from other text by a slightly larger font size. Text in general is larger, and search results are set apart with a bit more white space between to clarify the page.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
Search Engine Land

Link to article:

Excerpt: "Over the past few months, Google has been testing many, many layouts that made the search results look a bit easier to read by increasing the font size and removing some of the underlines for the hyperlinked content.

It seems Google has increased those tests, as we are seeing more and more searchers post about seeing these updates on Twitter, Facebook and other areas. Both Danny Sullivan, Matt McGeee and myself are able to replicate the new design either using our native browsers or via incognito mode in Chrome.

Here is a side by side image of the old and new user interface for Google’s search results:
You can click on it and notice the side by side comparison showing the larger font, more white space, no underlines for hyperlinked content and more."

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