Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings Bets on March Madness Overtime for Cool Marketing Gimmick

There are marketing moves that are clever but safe.  There are other marketing moves that are even more clever, but risky!  And then there are the genius gimmicks that can pay off big and simultaneously bypass the big risks. 

Buffalo Wild Wings devised a clever TV ad campaign that pretends that agents working for the company have maneuvered March Madness NCAA championship games into exciting extended overtime play, for the purpose of extending the fun and excitement for viewers watching the games at BWW.  They then bought up commercial time right after the normal game's running time, so that if the game runs over their commercial is the first one you see during overtime. It's a contingency buy, so if the game doesn't go into overtime, no one sees the ad.  But if it does, as many playoff games have this year, then BWW looks like a bunch of marketing geniuses.

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The Business Insider

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Excerpt: "For years now, Buffalo Wild Wings has been running an ad campaign with a conceit that its staff members have a network of on-site assistants at sporting events, who make crazy things happen to prolong games and give customers an opportunity to stay at the restaurant and keep having fun.

As such, the brand has built a reputation as a 'sponsor' of overtime, and in recent seasons the NCAA Tournament sponsor has purchased ad time during the commercial break immediately preceding every overtime period during March Madness.

Last year, the promotion went almost unnoticed, as just one game went to overtime the entire tournament. But this year, Buffalo Wild Wings has lucked into something of an extra-time jackpot. Five games have already gone into overtime, with four of the tight contests coming in rapid succession Thursday night.

The phenomenon led to a social media windfall for the sports bar and restaurant chain. According to the digital marketing firm Kontera, there were 6,000 tweets about Buffalo Wild Wings in a six-hour time span Thursday night, with 33% of them being positive, 62% neutral, and 5% negative."

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