Friday, April 25, 2014

'Ryman Eco' Designed to be World's Most Sustainable Font

"The World's Most Sustainable Font".  It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but you have to admire the intention behind it. A group of typographers worked with Monotype to come up with a new font that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.  Taking advantage of the fact that printing on paper causes ink to soak into the paper and spread very slightly, the designers came up with a classic-looking serif font that is actually made up of several thin lines that don't quite meet.  When the font is printed, the ink expands to fill the gaps, and in the process, 33% less ink is used.

In the spirit of the project, Ryman Eco is offered completely free. Watch their promotional video below.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
Huffington Post

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'World's Most Sustainable Font' Wants to Save the World Through Typography

Excerpt: "Typography is a powerful invention. It is, after all, the design mechanism that brings us the words of novelists and writers in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. But can fonts be more 'sustainable' than others, wagging their greener fingers at the opulent Times New Romans of the world? Can typography hop on the eco-friendly bandwagon?

'Yes,' says Grey London, one of the collective minds behind Ryman Eco, pitched as the 'world's most beautiful sustainable font.' When printed, its ink usage is 33 percent less than 'standard' fonts, the website claims, like Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Verdana. That's because Ryman Eco's fine, outlined letters stand in contrast to the solid letters of TNR et al.

In the normal course of printing, ink bleeds on paper. But in Ryman's case, that's an advantage, as the outlined letters then look more like a solid, filled-in font.

'We love printing. But we don't love what printing does to the environment,' the site states. "So we've worked with world-class font experts, Monotype, in an attempt to create the world's most beautiful sustainable font. We didn't want to compromise legibility for sustainability; after all the font will only help the environment if people actually use it. And of course, it must be completely free to download.'

Forget Garamond, the font paraded around the internet last month as the design that could save the U.S. government hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Ryman Eco is a solution for civilians -- and its also free."

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