Friday, May 2, 2014

SMitty Awards for Scent Marketing Scheduled for June in New York

Scent marketing has definitely evolved from the days that it was little more than keeping the scent of a baking apple pie in a home for sale during its open house. Now retail chains routinely design signature ambient fragrances to enhance the shopping experience at their stores, and hotels and resorts have a scent identity thatcarries through public spaces (individual hotel rooms are not scented).  

Now the Scent World Events are accepting nominations for their annual Smitty Awards in Scent Marketing in several categories, including Scent Marketer of the Year, Scent Marketing Campaign of the Year, Innovation in Scent Marketing, Technology Innovation in Scent Marketing, and two new awards, for Sensory Guest Experience (in the hospitality industry) and the Groundbreakers Award (for pioneers in integrating scent into a custome experience). The awards will be presented in New York in June.

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Excerpt: "ScentWorld Events, LLC has announced the addition to two additional categories of its SMItty awards, given to companies that have demonstrated excellence in scent and sensory marketing in the previous year. The winners will be announced at a gala awards lunch during its global scent and sensory marketing event, ScentWorld 2014, June 12-13, 2014 in New York City.

The new categories are The Best Sensory Guest Experience, awarded to the hospitality company that has implemented an excellent, sensory brand experience for its guests and the Groundbreakers Award, given to a brand that has been a pioneer in integrating the senses into its customer experience.

These new categories are in addition to the existing SMItty award categories:

Harald Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year – Named after the late founder of the ScentWorld event and industry leader, Harald Vogt, this award honors the scent marketing company that has done the most to promote the scent marketing industry in the previous year, either through highly visible scent marketing projects or through communication and advocacy.

Best Sensory Marketing Campaign - This award is designated for the advertising, marketing or branding agency that has created the most creative and effective marketing campaign strategically using two or more of the senses.

Most Innovative Use of Scent Marketing - This award will go to the brand owner who has implemented an outstanding use of scent, in a way that is new and unexpected. Scent Technology Innovation Award - This award will be presented to the company that has created and marketed the most innovative new scent technology equipment, product or process."

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