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The Ten Best Baseball Team Logos Through Time

Baseball caps are one of the standards of the modern wardrobe, some of which actually have real team logos emblazoned across the crown.  So baseball team logos are something most of us have at least seen. 

But it takes a real sports fan to pick out not only which teams had the best logos, but also what years and eras their logos attained greatness.  And the sports fan in question has taken on this task to right the wrong perpetrated by DesignRoom Creative, who made some... interesting, shall we say? choices in their list of the top ten.

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The 10 Best Logos in Baseball History

Excerpt: "10. Houston Astros, current

It's a little bevelly, sure, but the simplicity works. It's hard to make orange stand out without being distracting or overwhelming, but this does it. It's hard to make orange work at all, so kudos to the Astros for a logo redesign that works this well.

9. Milwaukee Brewers, 1978-1993

That moment that you figure out it's an "M" and a "B" … well, everything changes, that's what. You figure that the Brewers are the embodiment of good defense. They're built right into the aesthetics of the baseball mitt. Then they replaced this with a logo that looks like a girder orgy.

8. Cincinnati Reds, 1939 - 1953

The Reds' logo has been a variation of this since 1913, though there have been some missteps. For some reason, though, the one with the blue is my favorite. It's the contrast, I suppose, and it's a way to get red, white, and blue into a logo without beating you over the head with it. It's almost enough to make you unsee the acrosome in every Reds logo.

7. Chicago Cubs, 1957 - 1978

It's basically the same as today, but with a cleaner, thinner border. I can't put my finger on why the thinner border appeals to me, but it's clearly better.

6. Oakland A's, 1983 - 1992

The 'A' in the middle is a keeper, going back to the Philadelphia days, and while the words or colors around it might change, it somehow takes diaper-green and diaper-yellow and makes it work. A classic.

5. Washington Senators, 1948 - 1958

It's almost too complicated to qualify. It's a little hard to embroider on a pillow, but it's worth it. It reminded you the full weight and force of the Federal government was possibly behind every Senators pitch, and there's a nifty comic-book 'W' thrown in.

4. Montreal Expos, 1969-1991

Is it nostalgia? Is it the yearning for something we can't have? Why is this logo so damned good? It's swoopy and bubbly, and the team's name is in a lowercase typewriter font, or something. But it's pure. It's perfect. It's baseball. Dammit, baseball, why'd you ruin baseball?

3. Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-2011

The only thing that bothers me with this classic logo is that it's a pop-up. That and the two random gaps in the motion lines. Really, is this so hard, graphic designer from the '50s?

There. Now it's a home run, and the motion lines are normal. On second thought, I hate the original logo and everything it stands for.
(Okay, it's still a good logo.)

2. Detroit Tigers, current

The best logos are usually the ones that remind you the team has been around since before the talkies, and the Tigers is the best of that bunch. There have been missteps along the way, like morose Tiger and this, but the classic logo is still one of the best ever.

1. New York Giants, 1947-1957

Damn straight. It should be noted that the team had some serious logo attention deficit disorder for most of its time in New York. They changed it almost every danged year. The San Francisco Giants kept the logo until 1977, when they stumbled out of Studio 54 at 6:00 a.m. and fell asleep in a puddle of orange. But the original baseball/Giants combo is solid."

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