Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Designs New Frames for Google Glass

They still are more Star Trek than Fashion Week, but Google Glass took a turn for the better this week when DVF, the company of designer Diane Von Furstenberg, released a new line of fashionable frames that incorporate the techno-geek device. Up to now, the robot-chic of off-the-shelf Glasses has made wearers into objects of ridicule.

The DVF | Made for Glass line is a cooperative effort between Ms. Von Furstenberg and Google, and the limited edition designer frame for women comes in a package that includes the frames, a clip-on shade, the Google Glass, and a mono ear bud for $1800.  A similar package with a men's frame goes for $1650.

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Los Angeles Times

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Google Glass With Designer Frames Go On Sale at Fashion Websites

Excerpt: "Two years after she brought Google Glass to the New York Fashion week runway, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg has teamed with Google Inc. to launch a line of designer frames for the smart glasses to hang on.

Von Furstenberg-- best known for her easy-to-put-on wrap dresses -- helped reshape the $1,500 computerized eyewear into something that looks more like a normal pair of glasses.

Women's fashion retailer Net-A-Porter.com is selling the limited collection in an $1,800 package that include Glass (in black, green, plum, brown or white), a frame and shade, a mono ear bud and a case. The site’s men-focused companion, MrPorter.com, is selling a $1,650-package with frame varieties of either bold, thin or half-and-half.

Elements of the packages can be bought separately through Google. The frames support prescription lenses.

Though they don’t completely shed the sense that Glass wearers are robots, the upscale frames have been applauded by some consumers as giving more style to Glass.

Potential Google Glass buyers have complained that Google’s original version isn’t appealing, and they have no intention of buying the smart glasses until Oakley, Ray-Ban, Armani or the like give it a makeover.

Google has said the DVF | Made for Glass line is expected to be the first of many such collaborations."

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