Thursday, June 12, 2014

Now You Can Order a Custom-Built Home at the Mall

Shopping centers used to be populated with clothing stores, a food court, and if you were lucky, a multiplex cinema.  But now that the retail landscape has changed, shopping centers have diversified, offering everything from government offices to medical clinics.  

But a shopping center in Roseville, California is taking a new novel option to the shopping center experience, as its KB Homes design center allows prospective home buyers to pick out, customize and finalize the sale of a new custom-built home.  Buyers like being able to see and touch the upgrades in flooring, lighting, plumbing, and materials, and then make their choices in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.  The company plans to export this "upscale" home-buying experience to other areas and shopping centers.

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The Sacramento Bee

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Excerpt: "The folks at KB Home, one of the region’s largest homebuilders, are hoping that after shopping at Macy’s or REI, you’ll stop in at their new showroom in a Roseville shopping center, browse the displays of gleaming faucets and shining chandeliers – and maybe buy a house.

Plopping a 'design studio' into a bustling retail center is a novel effort by the production homebuilder to give buyers more of a custom-home experience. It’s also a way to lure in potential new customers, attracted by the sleek kitchens and electric-car charging stations on display.

In last decade’s housing cycle, subdivision home shoppers typically picked out carpets and colors at construction sites or in business-park settings, with fewer choices and less ambiance.

At KB’s studio in Roseville, near the Westfield Galleria at Roseville Parkway and Galleria Boulevard, buyers sit in leather chairs sipping complimentary beverages, while a professional design consultant walks them through their choices. There are racks of doors, shelves of flooring and walls of cabinet samples on display in the airy, modern setting.

'It sets the stage for customer choice,' said Chris Cady, president of KB’s central California division.

Cady said KB plans to export the concept from the Sacramento area to its homebuilding regions across the nation.

'We’re moving to more of these because they’re a selling point,' he said."

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