Monday, June 23, 2014

Punctuation Blog Helps You Get it... Right!

Don't get me started on people who can't tell the difference between its and it's. And how many of us know the virtues and utility of the n-dash and the m-dash? Face it, punctuations can sometimes be even more random and arcane than spelling. But there is hope, and help, for all of us. Punctuation Portal has distilled the cases and uses for all the punctuation marks used in written English. And best of all is their poster infographic that lays out the rules and reasons for every punctuation mark. 

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"Punctuation Rules
ApostropheApostrophes: How to Use Apostrophes
Apostrophes are something you don’t want to get wrong. Besides creating confusion, a misuse of an apostrophe can be embarrassing—especially on your family Christmas card! Check out how to use apostrophes, look at some apostrophe good examples (and bad ones), and when not to use an apostrophe.
ColonColons: How to Use Colons
Colons are one of the most misused punctuation marks. Maybe that’s because they can be used in so many different ways (eight to be exact!). But if used correctly, colons can really add some life to your writing. And you’ll look smarter if you use them correctly! The good news is, the rules for using colons aren’t that tricky.
HyphenHyphens: How to Use Hyphens
Hyphens can be a bit tricky. And they shouldn’t be confused with dashes–which are like two hyphens stuck together with content wedged inside, like this–or you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing.
Quotation MarkQuotation Marks: How to Use Quotation Marks
Quotation marks are cool little guys. Not only do they have the ability to indicate dialogue, they have an amazing ability to suggest sarcasm or irony. But if used incorrectly, quotation marks can communicate irony when none is intended. Imagine seeing an advertisement for pizza that said: WE USE REAL 'CHEESE.' Hmmm… Not sure I want to eat that.
SemicolonSemicolons: How to Use Semicolons
Semicolons have often been considered the 'most feared punctuation mark.' But don’t fret too much: follow the rules for using semicolons and you’ll do just fine. Truth is, once you get the hang of these puppies, your writing will see dramatic improvement. The next time you write, give semicolons a try. You’ll be glad you did."

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