Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why is the World Cup Logo Sad?

Following in the unfortunate tradition of the London 2012 Olympic logo that was described as a swastika or a depiction of Lisa Simpson performing oral sex, the logo for the current 2014 World Cup Brazil has its own unintended visual association.  Instead of a hand holding up a soccer ball in triumph, the multicolored abstracted design resembled a dejected or embarrassed soccer fan doing a disappointed facepalm.

If this association were completely random and divorced from reality, then the jokes wouldn't hit their mark. But since these were the games that were to launch Brazil onto the wold stage as a major power, and instead reminded the world how far the nation stil has to catch up in infrastructure and economic fairmess, the logo's initial sad impression seems likely to stick.

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Yahoo! Sports

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Brazil's World Cup Logo Looks Like Patrick Stewart's Famous Facepalm

Excerpt: "The thing about the World Cup is that 31 of the 32 teams are going to head home emptyhanded, their dreams of victory punctuated by at least one moment of extreme disappointment.

And how does one commemorate that heartbreak? Well, they only need to look as far as the 2014 World Cup logo to see a perfect symbol of any sorrow or shame that might befall their team. As has been pointed out in many corners the past month, the yellow hand in the logo makes the shape look more like a 'facepalm' than the intended World Cup trophy.

Noted soccer fan and actor Sir Patrick Stewart turned in the most noted facepalm while potraying Captain Jean Luc-Picard in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' but other instances in popular culture serve as groan-worthy currency when people engage in the online meme."

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